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CPC Applauds SCC Decision

The Canadian Publishers’ Council (CPC) lauds the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling in Google Inc. v. Equustek Solutions Inc. et al. upholding an injunction order made by the British Columbia Supreme Court that requires Google to de-index websites that promote the sale of stolen intellectual property. Read more

Copyright Board Decision Is Deeply Concerning

Canadian Publishers’ Council (CPC) members were deeply concerned by the recent decision by the Copyright Board in the 2010‐15 K12 Tariff. The Board ascribed zero value to the use of a vast repertoire of K‐12 Educational materials, denying compensation to the innumerable creators who rely on the K‐12 market for their livelihoods. Read more

Re: Non-­Renewal of Access Copyright Licences

The Canadian Publishers’ Council (CPC), on behalf of its members, deeply regrets the breakdown of negotiations for the renewal of licences between Access Copyright and Western University and the University of Toronto. Following 20 years of cooperative relations with Access Copyright, these universities have concluded that there is no value to the licence. In their … Read more